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Parking Lot Procedures

Morning Parking Lot Procedures


Please follow the morning parking lot procedure described below.   Please review these instructions and share this information with family members or friends who drop off or pick your child up from school.  It is critical that everyone who shares transportation responsibilities understands and follows the established procedures.


All students MUST be in school by 7:50 a.m. each day.  The Morning Drop Off doors will be open at 7:35 a.m. and close at 7:50 a.m.

Everyone MUST enter the parking lot on Diamond Bridge Avenue and stay to the right of the cones. Proceed in a straight line to the end of the parking lot.

If you are:



  1. Follow the cones curving right towards the back door, “Door D”
  2. Staying in your vehicle proceed to the back door
  3. Allow children to exit on the driver's side in front of the back door.  A teacher will assist students
  4. Exit parking lot through the gate onto Washington Avenue


If you are:




  1. Loop around the cones at the end of the lane
  2. Proceed back down the first lane (towards Diamond Bridge Avenue)
  3. Park only in the spaces in the first row
  4. Walk your child to the Main Entrance “Door A”, located on Diamond Bridge Avenue
  5. Exit the parking lot onto Diamond Bridge Avenue


The preferred method is to drop your child off at the back door.  All children in grades PreSchool-8 should use this method under normal circumstances.






Afternoon Pick-Up Procedures



  1. All cars must back into the parking spaces along the brook.  
  2. Parking is allowed only by the brook and in the parking spaces closest to the garage towards the back of the parking lot.  NO ONE is to park by or behind the school building.
  3. Once the parking lot is closed (2:55 p.m.), no cars are allowed in.  NO ONE is to park at the entrance of the closed lot.
  4. Please report to your cars as soon as children are dismissed.
  5. Students are dismissed through the following door:
  1. 2:55 PM: Preschool, PreK & Kinder  (Door F)
  2. 3:00 PM: Grades 1 - 5 (Back Door)
  3. 3:00 PM: Grades 6 - 8 (Door F)
  1. When the whistle blows, cars will be dismissed one section at a time, beginning with those furthest away from the building.  All cars are to exit the parking lot through the gate onto Washington Avenue.


Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.


As always, proceed with caution.  Your child’s safety depends on it!