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Early Childhood

"Children are a gift. Each one is unique and unrepeatable." - Pope Francis

Our mission is to create a loving environment that builds confidence, develops fine motor skills, and encourages students to have fun! We guide our children to grow in God’s image with a strong understanding of self, others, and the world around them.


Our early childhood program provides a solid foundation for growth and learning through a safe and caring environment. The program is child-centered, allowing each student to work to his or her own ability. The teacher to student ratio is kept low enough that every child receives the encouragement and guidance they need.

Our curriculum is informed by our religious beliefs and values, so we encourage students to show awareness and sensitivity toward others. We incorporate reading and math readiness with numerous opportunities for students to express themselves creatively. These lessons adhere to the Dale Avenue, NAEYC and Diocese of Paterson guidelines. They have been refined with the input of research on the physical and psychological development of young children.

Students encounter religion in all subjects. They are taught family values, Bible stories, songs, prayers, and stories of the saints. They learn respect for others and how they should love God through their thoughts, words and actions. The children do many group activities that reinforce Biblical concepts and how Jesus would want them to live. They also participate in an annual Family Life program beginning in kindergarten.


Students learn literacy by building oral language skills through formal and informal discussions. They are encouraged to use full sentences, correct tenses of verbs, clear pronunciation, and to recognize the different types of sentences. Phonic awareness is emphasized, as well as tracking type from left to right, recognition of basic sight words, and letter formation, sounds and positions in words.


Social studies concepts are incorporated into all subject areas, including reading, writing and art. Topics such as family, communities and holidays are introduced through videos, stories, art projects, dramatic plays and worksheet activities. In addition, field trips and classroom visitors expand students' understanding.


All students encounter STEM in projects designed to engage, inspire and prepare students to be the innovators of the future. In PreK and Kindergarten, this takes the form of activities that encourage exploration, investigation, observation and experimentation based around the five senses. Students are taught about the environment and their responsibility for its care.



Pre-K 3
Our program offers hands-on learning centers and play areas, designed to inspire creativity and cultivate social relationships.  Our little learners are introduced to formal technology instruction, STEM, music, movement and art. 

Requirements: child must be fully potty-trained  and 3 years old as of October 1st.

Program Options:

  • Full Day (8:00 am - 3:00 pm) or
  • 3 or 5 days per week

Pre-K 4
A balanced and stimulating program that includes reading and math with learning centers, STEM, music, movement and art, presented in a nurturing environment that allows growth and Kindergarten readiness. 

Requirements: Child must be fully potty-trained and 4 years old as of October 1st.

  • Full Day (8:00 am - 3:00 pm)